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Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Facial Cream Tibetan Herbs



Code: 12115 , Weight: 50 g

Nourishes and hydrates the skin, boost metabolic processes in tissue. Normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

Help reduce the depth of wrinkles and enhances the skin’s resilience. The cream has an enriched and dense texture that melts as it touches the skin.

Result: Skin is toned and enriched with nourishing components, it is firm, velvet-like, smooth and some tiny defects (pigmented spots, wrinkles) are removed.

Apply a small amount of the cream to cleansed face and neck skin.


Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Glycereth-20 Stearate , Isosteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Isoceteth-20, Phenoxyethanol , Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Parfum, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Crocus Sativus Flower Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Propylparaben, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Butylphenyl

About the Series

The power of Tibetan medicine is the holistic approach to healing and rejuvenation with the help of medicinal plants. The basis of the unique series of cosmetic products Tibetan herbs are natural ingredients: essential oils, extracts of Tibetan herbs and natural water from healing sources. The ingredients have a positive effect on the skin in two ways: through direct contact with the active components and the stimulation of reflex receptors through essential oils.

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Active Components

Vitamin EVitamin E

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) nourishes, regenerates, slows down aging processes by neutralizing free radicals.

Sodium hyaluronateSodium hyaluronate

Intensively moisturizes the skin, improves skin elasticity, makes the skin smoother. Smoothes out fine lines, improves the softness and suppleness of the skin.

Cordyceps sinensisCordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis extract is a source of powerful antioxidants that protects cells from destruction and prevents premature aging. Moisturizes and softens the skin, improving its overall look.

Crocus sativusCrocus sativus

Crocus sativus flower extract nourishes the skin and prevents it from fading.