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Charcoal and Herbs Whitening Phyto Toothpaste Dr.Taiga


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The Charcoal & Taiga Herbs Whitening Phyto Toothpaste has a rich black colour and its regular use will help restore the natural shade of your teeth.
– restores the natural whiteness of teeth
– removes dental plaque from tobacco, tea and coffee
– maintains fresh breath
– suitable for sensitive gums

The toothpaste does not contain fluorine. Thanks to its content of fine abrasives and charcoal powder, the phytopaste has a very gentle effect on the enamel and is suitable for everyday use. The mixture of Taiga herbs strengthens and soothes the gums, improves their condition in case of periodontal problems, helps prevent tooth decay, and leaves you with fresh breath. Its content of colloidal silver prevents the growth of bacteria.


Brush your teeth twice a day, then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Do not use in the case of hypersensitive teeth. Do not swallow.


Active Components

Bergenia Bergenia
Bergenia extract has long been used for its anti-inflammatory, healing and bactericidal effects.

Colloidal silver particles have antibacterial effects, which helps prevent tooth decay and bleeding gums.

Restores the natural whiteness of the teeth. Charcoal particles gently clean tooth enamel without damaging it. The plaque removed by abrasive friction is absorbed by cleansing charcoal particles.

Pine nutPine nut
Pine nut oil has astringent effects, so it was historically used for swelling of the gums.

Sage extract relieves inflammation and has antimicrobial and overall strengthening effects. Historically, sage was used for toothaches, bleeding gums and inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

About the Series

Dr. Taiga is a series of natural products with healing properties, made from herbs and plants of the Siberian taiga.

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