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Herbal Extract Delicate Care Gel Altai Sacral



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The product was created in the Altai Mountains and contains more than 90% natural ingredients. The gentle composition of the gel is suitable for the most sensitive skin care.

The active ingredients of the product strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier and maintain the pH balance in your intimate zone.

Thanks to its balanced composition, the gel soothes delicate skin and provides a daily feeling of comfort. It refreshes and moisturises the skin and alleviates the feeling of discomfort after hair removal.

Use quality products and be healthy.

Apply a small amount of gel to your intimate zone, foam the gel and rinse with water. For external use only.

Active Components

Since time immemorial, women have used liquorice-based products to regulate the menstrual cycle. Liquorice is effective for treating the pain and discomfort you experience when you’re having your days.

Strong antioxidant with antibacterial effects. Mint softens the skin, soothes irritation and provides a feeling of comfort.

Sea saltSea salt
Sea salt contains a number of trace elements: magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate. Like the process thousands of years ago, sea salt is obtained through the natural evaporation of seawater while retaining all its properties. It is beneficial for the body in limited quantities.

Chamomilla recutita flower extract relieves irritation and redness, stimulates the healing and regeneration of cells, normalizes microflora.

Common oakCommon oak
The buds of common oak have anti-inflammatory and tightening effects.

Lactic acidLactic acid
Lactic acid is a natural hydrating element of the human skin, and therefore it is easy to absorb and has a beneficial effect on the body. It supports the natural pH balance and natural microflora in your intimate zone.

Due to its high content of silicic acid, together with other minerals, nettle increases the skin’s natural defences.

Sweet flagSweet flag
Sweet flag is known for its calming and disinfecting effects.

About the Series

The series of products Altai Sacral is focused mainly on the quick solution of problems related to beauty, health and well-being. They are based on natural ingredients grown in one of the biologically cleanest corners of the world, the Altai. The designers of the line managed to combine the ancient knowledge of the Altai sages, the amazing power of ecologically clean plants and modern cosmetology technologies.

The series includes:
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Herbal Extract Delicate Care Gel