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Silicone Sponge for Face Washing and Massage



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The cleansing and massaging sponge helps for clean pores, soft skin and glowing face. Due to deep skin cleansing from dust particles, leftover cosmetics and sebaceous gland secretions, the sponge will help you to combat blackheads. The careful massage it provides can be compared to a gentle peeling, helping to improve blood circulation. The result is improved facial color, soft and smooth skin. The sponge working surface has numerous soft projections, very pleasant to the touch. These “fingers” are excellent skin exfoliators, without damaging it. And they also make an excellent lather from any soap. The back of the sponge has a small suction pad to attach this beauty gadget to the bathroom mirror. It holds the sponge conviently during cosmetic procedures. The sponge is made of silicone, a durable material, even with regular use it will last a long time.

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